Wireless systems for remote reading

ADO Modem
ADO Modem is a device designed for wireless remote reading of ADO module on water meters
AdoRF LoRa Valve
ADO RF/LoRa Valve is a valve designed for automatic remote closing and opening for which the command close/open is sent wirelessly, i.e. via radio
ADO GSM device is designed for use in combination with water meters which have reed or open collector impulse outputs
ADO GSM2 wmbus device is designed for transmitting the status readings to a remote computer via GSM/GPRS network
AdowMbus adapter for remote reading system
ADO868Wmbus is a device designed for wireless reading of residential, industrial and combination water meters
ADO LoRa-wMbus adapter daljinskog očitavanja
ADO wMbus/LoRa adapter daljinskog očitavanja namenjen je daljinskom očitavanju merila bilo putem wMbus ili LoRa protokola (LoRa WAN class A)