ADO GSM device is designed for use in combination with water meters which have reed or open collector impulse outputs. The device has 4 pulse inputs for counters and 4 alarm inputs. This means that to the device can be connected up to 4 water meters (e.g., 4 separate residential water meters or 2 industrial combination water meters).
ADO GSM device comes with its own battery power supply containing 2 LiSOCl2 batteries that ensure sending of one e-mail or one text message a day for at least 5 years. The device counts the received pulses and can be programmed to store and transmit data at a predefined interval or date and time. Consumption data is sent to the e-mail server in the form of e-mail messages and from there the data can be downloaded and stored in a desktop computer. Alarms can be sent via text message to a desired telephone number.
If used as a zonal meter, the device can be configured to log the status of the combination meter at a specific time interval which is adjustable according to customer’s request. Logging can be configured as per month, week, day, hour or minute (minimum) and the report (logged statuses) sent to an e-mail account once a day.