ADO M-Bus Valve

ADO M-Bus Valve is a valve designed for automatic remote closing and opening for which the command close/open is transmitted via cable, i.e. via M-Bus network. The valve is widely used in water and gas supply systems, industry, food industry as well as in irrigation systems. The valve can be used for flow control of any fluid provided it is not chemically aggressive and it does not exceed the temperature of 90oC nor the pressure of 10 bar.
The valves are manufactured in standard sizes DN15 to DN50. They use their own LiSOCl2 battery supply (3,6V) which is upon valve closing/opening recharged from M-Bus network and the life of the battery is practically unlimited.
The valve can be used as a conventional valve and close and open the flow by the remote (wired) command when needed. In addition to its standard function of complete closing and opening on request, the valve also has option to reduce the flow to a certain percentage, time-set, fully automatic opening and closing (configuring the valve when to open and when to close).
If the valve is used in combination with the water meter and ADO M-Bus module for remote reading, the valve can be configured to close after a certain quantity of water has passed through the water meter, making it particularly suitable for use in hotels, weekend settlements or anywhere else where water or gas are charged by pre paid system.