VJS - PLUS Single jet water meters are manufactured in accordance with 2014/32/EU Directive, metrological accuracy class 2. These water meters are characterized by dry dial mechanism hermetically separated from the water flow chamber.
Water meters of this type are designed for measuring the volume of clean water with temperature up to 50oC and pressure up to 16 bar.
For VJS - PLUS water meters, generally called single jet vane-wheel water meter with dry mechanism, the vane-wheel rotation is transmitted via magnetic coupling to a dial mechanism which is completely protected against water and moisture effects.
There is also a 6-spoke star wheel on the dial which can be used for quick testing.
The the dial pointer of 0,1 l can contain a metal plate used for generating pulses in the electronic device for remote reading. VJS – PLUS type of water meters can have pulse encoder for remote reading as well as components for the installation of AMR device and inductive pointer for AMR reading.
Water meter housings, covers and connections are made of copper alloys while the mechanisms are made of high quality plastic materials.
VJS – PLUS water meters can be installed to operate in both horizontal and vertical position.