ADO GSM2 wmbus device is designed for transmitting the status readings to a remote computer via GSM/GPRS network.
A remote computer can be anywhere in the world provided that it has an internet connection. One ADO GSM2 device can be connected to (transmit) maximum of 16 slave devices (in this case ADO wM-Bus devices). Ado GSM2 device needs to be installed as high as possible above the ground (for its installation are usually used the existing electrical power or telephone poles) and within the range of wM-Bus devices we intend to read.
The ADO GSM2 device can be configured to log individual status for each water meter at a predetermined date and time and to transmit the logged data via GSM network to e-mail server.
The INSA Web application (software) pulls up the statuses from the e-mail server and stores the data on the Cloud service. In web application the data can be viewed, printed or exported to one of the standard formats that can be imported into billing and collection software.