Ado Terminal

ADO Terminal is a device designed for reading all types of ADO devices. The ADO Terminal has INSA ADO Remote Reading Software installed which provides:
- fully automatic reading of the meters,
- the option of instant review,
- sending the data to a remote server or computer.
ADO Terminal has the capability to connect to all ADO devices either via cable, Bluetooth or radio. It also has the capability to connect to the existing computer network (wlan or wireless) or the Internet, which allows data transmission to any distance.
The USB key prevents the unauthorized use of the ADO Terminal device and at the same time enables anyone with the key to check the status of their meter at any time. Logging with a user or administrator password limits access to system settings. User account gives an option to review the data and statistics while the administrator account has the option of data reviewing, data exporting to other formats as well as system configuration, changing the user data and changing the reading parameters (interval, reading groups, network settings, etc.).
ADO Terminal can be used for wired, wireless and combined reading.