INSA WP‐D is TURBINE Woltaman water meter with magnetic transmission, super dry type register for Industrial and Irrigation application has the sizes from Dn40 to Dn500 designed by INSA and meets to the requirements of Directive 2014/32/EU on measuring instruments (MID) and of European Standard EN14154.

All the materials in contact with water, consciously selected by the known resistance to corrosion;
- Iron body with inside and outside epoxy coating for protecting the corrosion;
- The ROTATING indicator register for the most comfortable reading position;
- The copper can super dry register with IP68 protection;
- The interchangeable, removable measuring mechanism can be easy removed from the body for checking, maintaining and replacing, no needs to dismantle the body form the pipe;
- Suitable for any position installation;
- Low pressure loss;
- No effected by external magnetic fields;
- Pulse output always ready, and Pulse output AS OPTION:
    - The Pulse Output Device consists of a plastic housing with a Reed Switch, and 1,5 m cable with 2 cores in Red and Black.
    - Electric Data: Vmax=24AC/DC; Imax=0,01A
    - Capacity of the Pulse Emitter: