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Insa AD Zemun, Beograd

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Water meters

       Residentional water meters

                With dry mechanizm

                        Cold water

                                 · VVS3 Multi yet water meter with dry mechanizm

                WET MECHANISM

                                 · VVM3 Multi yet water meter with wet mechanizm

        Industrial water meters


                                 · WPI Woltman horizontal water meter


                                 · VWV - S3 Combined Water meter


        Mechanical alarm clocks

        Chess clocks

                Plastic casing

                Wooden casing

        Wall clocks

                Wooden wall clock

                Contemporary quartz wall clock

                Traditional Pendulum Wall Clock

Teleoptik Products

       Metal Detector

       Medical Equipment

                Blood pressure checkers


       Gas equipment

                Gas welding and cutting equipment

Gas meters

       Commercial and industrial systems

                RF1 G4 Residential diaphragm gas meter

INSA Remote Readout system

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