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Insa AD Zemun, Beograd


Insa History 1950-present day.


  • 1950. The year that Insa was established and was named simply “Clock factory”, with the aim to produce mechanical alarm clocks.
  • 1952. Up until this year Insa had an annual production of 40.000 alarm clocks.
  • 1954. The factory changed its name to “Insa a.d.” and increased its production to 77.000 alarm clocks, anually, and started including production of timer switches.
  • 1964. Was probably Insa’s finest year. Production and expansion both increased. About 610.000 alarm clocks were build, as well as 86.000 water meters and 20.000 light switches.
  • 1982. Insa added 4,500m² of factory space
  • 1991-2000 This period was characterized by political upheaval, followed by war and UN sanctions. This brought the national economy to a standstill, under which Insa suffered severely. After sanctions were lifted, Insa made progressive efforts to recapture its markets, both domestic and abroad.
  • 2003. Insa applied for quality management and gained ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • 2006. Privatisation of Insa brought new ownership which currently ownes 75% of the shares. The remaining 25% are in the hands of  (ex-) employees of the company.
  • 2007. The new owners injected over 600.000 Euros of investment into the company.
  • 2008. Implementation of leaner operating methods, focusing on “just in time” production, lower stock counts and thus creating higher revenue for the company. Investment and development of AMR for water, gas and electricity meters was established.
  • 2009-2010. Currently Insa operates with just 5000 M² of office and factory space. The remaining area of, approximately 13000 M² is rented out to other companies.
  • 2010. Insa has overhauled its calibration lab for water meters by refurbishing the existing lab, installing new (calibration) equipment and gaining the ISO 17020 certification. Insa’s AMR has become a reality and customers, all over the world, are now enjoying its benefits. Insa is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.Since 2006 Insa has enjoyed  steady growth and is set on growing and developing both its share of the market place, as well as its commitment to serve its partners, employees and customers.

Currently the company employs 248 people.

Innovation and continuous development will keep an important role in our company philosophy.

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