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DETEL type 701.1 Designed to be used for the detection of all types of metal objects (iron, copper, gold) carried on persons

The device is extremely effective to serve the needs of the army, police, customs, banks, post offices, theaters, stadiums, companies, night clubs, restaurants, and all places where security is of high importance and where the public and personnel of these institutions are in need of a higher level of protection.
Detel 701.1 is designed to be used while in motion. When a metal object is detected, both an audible and a visual alarm are instigated by the detector (the red diode).
The alarm system will switch off automatically when the device is stationary.
Once the operator of the detector picks the device up, the detector will sense movement and the alarm system is activated automatically.
The device is adjustable for sensitivity, relative to the size of objects needed to be detected
The green led diode signals the expiration of the battery.
Power Supply battery 9 V - Type 6F22
Battery Life regular: 3 - 6 h; NiCd: 24 h
Working Temperature -15 °C to +70 °C
Sensitivity Adjustable
Weight 430 g

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