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Insa AD Zemun, Beograd

Welcome to AD INSA,

Insa was founded in the year 1950 as a clock producing factory, which since then has become a major producer of clocks and watch mechanisms, as well as a producer of water meters and many other products in the field of measurement technology and mechanics.

Over the years Insa has surrounded itself with professional staff, who have served our company with dedicating themselves to innovation and development, so that we are always able to meet the high demands of the market place.

"INSA", is registered as a public limited company, with headquarters in Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia.

INSA is superbly situated because of its favourable geographic location in South-East Europe. From our location we are able to serve customers in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Albania and Romania, which are all within a 400 km radius distance.


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